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At Eton University, we work with occupational health organizations, safety units in private and public sectors to give us the clearest possible picture of the evolving safety systems. This allows us to continue to develop and adapt our curriculum so that our graduates will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to meet the expanding needs of the industry. With a degree from Eton University, you may be one of the sought-after professionals to help meet the challenge.

The Master of Safety Engineering degree is a widely recognized professional credential for those seeking technical leadership and managerial positions in governmental, nonprofit, and private organizations in safety fields. Eton University’s Master of Safety Engineering could help you develop the needed knowledge and technical skills to apply safety principles and develop appropriate safety systems.

Career Opportunities

Program Entry Requirements

Program Structure

Program Structure

Learning Objectives


Learning and Assessment


Admission Procedures

لماذا الدراسه فى جامعه ايتون الامريكيه – الشرق الاوسط

Career Opportunities

الدراسة و المادة العلمية باللغة العربية

امكانية معادلة الدراسات السابقة

سهولة اجراءات التخرج

شهادة جامعة امريكية مُعترف بها عالميا و موثقة من الخارجية الامريكية

مرونة اجراءات التسجيل

رسوم دراسية مناسبة للجميع

اقل مدة زمنية لإتمام الدرجة العلمية

لا يُشترط خوض اختبارات تأهيلية

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