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تسعى جامعة إيتون  للتعاون الدائم مع المؤسسات والمنظمات الدولية للتعليم العالي و المهني و المؤسسات المتخصصة بضمان الجودة في التعليم

و لذلك تحرص الجامعة على ترسيخ وتمتين علاقاتها وصلاتها الدولية مع مختلف الهيئات والمؤسسات، كما حرصت على طرح المبادرات الفعالة التي تخدم هذه العلاقات والشركاء وتقوم هذه التحالفات على تحقيق التعاون الدولي في مختلف المجالات

و تتشارك جامعة إيتون  الآن مع الجهات التالية

Eton University is a recognized Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) center (Center ID number 1122). ATHE is a British awarding organization regulated by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) who reports directly to the UK Parliament. We offer Diplomas and Extended Diplomas from level 3 to level 7. These programs are delivered online and offer a alternative route to higher education for those who do not have the typical requirements. 

The University of Bolton are the number one university in Greater Manchester (UK) for student satisfaction. This is why we are proud to partner with them to act as a bridge between themselves and international students. With a huge range of courses delivered in state-of-the-art facilities, we are sure there is something for everyone.

The University of Sunderland in London brings a metropolitan lifestyle and high-quality qualifications to Eton University students. For learners who want to live in the capital city of the UK, the University of Sunderland in London provides business-centred courses with a global outlook that matches our own. The University of Sunderland in London attracts many international students; we know that our Eton University students are in safe hands when they choose to study at their city-based campus.

Notting Hill College is an established higher education provider located in Manchester, England. Offering vocational courses in the fields of teacher training and business, they help ready our learners for the world of work. They also boast a supportive faculty with years of experience. 

OTHM is another British awarding organization we have partnered with (Centre ID DC1906338) to deliver top-shelf qualifications including an Online and Blended MBA and Level 7 in Strategic Management in Leadership. Ofqual-regulated and with a proven track record of delivering excellent qualifications with options to progress to universities, we are excited to bring the OTHM suite of awards, certificates and diplomas to our learners. 

The London Graduate School is a provider of degree and master top-up programmes all of which are awarded by British universities. The top-up programmes are designed to make British education available and affordable to learners globally. They provide us with the means to offer fully online bachelor and master programs. 

يرجى إرسال جميع الإستفسارات  المتعلقة بقطاع التعاون الدولي و الإتصال  المؤسسي إلى

يرجى إرسال جميع الإستفسارات  المتعلقة بقطاع التعاون الدولي و الإتصال  المؤسسي إلى

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جامعة ايتون الامريكية تفتح باب المعرفة، و تشعل شرر الخيال، وتنير حياة الناس من خلال التعليم العالي. نحن نرحب بالقدرات المتنوعة، و أهداف، و تجارب الأفراد اللذين يقفون على عتبة الاكتشاف. ونجاحنا يثيته أحلام نساعد في تحقيقها، وفرص نساعد في خلقها، و مستقبل نسعي بك للوصول اليه

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